Santi Services is a boutique janitorial cleaning company that has serviced a range of building types across the GTA for 30 years. We provide consistent, high quality janitorial services and operations by offering accessibility, personalized contact, prompt solution resolution, quality services and fair treatment of employees.

It is a great sense of pride to us that our company has grown through the hard work of our employees and we believe that work should be rewarded. Treating our employees fairly and respectfully has always resulted in long client relationships, greater job satisfaction and productivity. It just makes sense.

Our attentive, collaborative and responsive tenant focused supervision translates into value by understanding what needs to be done and delivering strong results.

Santi Services is all about keeping the core values of what janitorial cleaning really is – creating a clean and healthy working environment that’s safe.

We give hands-on customer service, treat and train our employees well, always commit to quality service and want a greener and healthier future. These unwavering passions of ours simply create a happy environment for everyone. Perhaps most importantly, every client is important to us, whether big or small.

We’re real people that do good work.

Danny Goulis, owner of Santi Services, has built a small cleaning business into a recognizable and reputable name in the cleaning industry. His clients know him as a fair player who is very responsive, hands-on and reachable. Danny built Santi Services into what it is today on the principles of treating his staff fairly and fostering strong, long term client relationships. He knows what top quality service is and will do what it takes to create clean and safe buildings. Danny has an Honours degree in Economics from the University of Toronto.

Santi Janitorial Services